From Jerusalem to Elkader

Middle School Curriculum

By Sue Protheroe

An exploration of three Abrahamic faiths coming together (and colliding), an examination of Islam in particular, and a spotlight on the Algerian hero Abd el-Kader.


A comprehensive unit for middle school students, grades 6-9, presented in three lessons: 1) an exploration of sacred sites in Jerusalem and a comparison of three religions, 2) a focus on Islam and what it means to be Muslim, and 3) a study of Abd el-Kader and his connection to Iowa. Although the lessons build upon one another, they may be used in isolation.

Lesson Three: Abd el-Kader to Elkader
(6 class periods)


Why teach the life and times of Emir Abdelkader?

  • Uncovers little-known facts about America’s heartland
  • Adds historical lens of the conquered, highlighting story of resistance
  • Challenges stereotypes
  • Broadens notions of American cultural, ethnic, and religious identities
  • Offers international perspective beyond eurocentric history
  • Counters extremisms
  • Provides role model of ethical leadership
  • Encourages critical thinking and social/emotional learning


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