About Our Materials

We offer a wide variety of educational materials for teachers across many levels. These resources are free to use. Read below to learn which types of materials we offer and get started!

Why teach the life and times of Emir Abdelkader?
  • Uncovers little-known facts about America’s heartland
  • Adds historical lens of the conquered, highlighting story of resistance
  • Challenges stereotypes
  • Broadens notions of American cultural, ethnic, and religious identities
  • Offers international perspective beyond eurocentric history
  • Counters extremisms
  • Provides role model of ethical leadership
  • Encourages critical thinking and social/emotional learning

Resources from the Islamic Network Group

Want an educator’s perspective?


Read “COMMANDER OF THE FAITHFUL: The Life and Times of Emir Abd el-Kader” as Added Value for Educators by Bonnie James (an international consultant on curriculum development) in a 2019 issue of Islamic Horizons.

Abdelkader Prize for Educators


The Abdelkader Education Project awards prizes to educators using our curriculum materials annually to celebrate the important work they do in telling the emir’s story to students.