Intern Opportunities


The Abdelkader Education Project is a reputable nonprofit organization where high school and college students can develop skills relevant to future careers. Some university students may be able to get credit for their internship, please consult your academic advisor for more information.

We are currently looking for interns in the following areas:



AEP is seeking an intelligent and enthusiastic intern to employ as a social media contributor for an initial term of 6 months. This internship provides an opportunity to network, gain experience, and develop proficiency in mass communication through social media. Follow on paid employment with AEP is also a possibility.

Preferred Qualifications

Preferred qualifications include:

  • Proficient in Canva, Adobe Spark, or equivalent platform.
  • Proficient with a multitude of social media platforms to include but not limited to Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook.
  • Can interpret platform analytics.
  • Can produce creative and engaging social content for a variety of platforms. 

Interested applicants should contact AEP’s program manager Samantha Wiedner at

More Information

All of our internship opportunities are fully remote.

For more information and instructions for applying, please contact and include what position you are interested in.