AEP Partners

The following people/ organizations are in the AEP Network:

  • The Islamic Society of North America, Dr. Sayyid Syeed
  • Harvard Pluralism Project, Ethical Leadership Case Study, Diana Eck
  • University of Helsinki, Ismo Dunderberg
  • Wesley Theological Seminary, David McAllister-Williams
  • U.S. Marine Corps University, George Dallas
  • International Center for Religion & Diplomacy, James Patton
  • Islamic Network Group, Maha Elgenaidi
  • Emir-Stein Center, Ismael Nass-Duce
  • Embassy of the People‚Äôs Republic of Algeria, H.E. Ambassador Madjid Bougerra

The following people/organizations are AEP Partners:

  • The William and Mary Greve Foundation
  • WISE Project, Daisy Khan
  • Marine Corps Gazette, Chris Woodbridge
  • Seton Hall University, Abdelkader Fellows, Andrea Bartoli
  • Our Muslim Neighbor/Faith and Culture Center, Mallory Wycoff/ Daoud Abudiab