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The Abdelkader Education Project (AEP) was inspired by its namesake, Emir Abd el Kader. AEP began in 2009 as an organization committed to cultural literacy, civility and respectful engagement between all people through education and outreach drawing on Emir Abdelkader’s life story and value that transcend culture and faith traditions.

"Emir Abdelkader's strong moral character has had the most effect on my life. Reading about his life has helped me come to see Muslims in a whole new light, and I only wish that I could show others my new perspective as well."

— Bob Spielbauer
2011 Elkader High School essay winner

"Abdelkader's jihad provides Muslims with a much needed antidote to the toxic false jihads of today dominated by anger, violence and politics."

— Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan

"The Abdelkader Education Project provides opportunities for people across this globe to engage in the important and urgent work of building civility, enhancing cultural and religious literacy, and fostering mutual understanding among peoples. In a deeply divided world, the witness of Emir Abdelkader, who was a bridge-builder, is exemplary."

— Kathryn Lohre
Assistant to the Presiding Bishop, Executive, Ecumencal and Inter-Religious Relations, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Chicago IL

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AEP News – June 2020

Welcome to our virtual stage to showcase the winners of the 2020 Abdelkader Global Leadership Prize. We wish we could gather in-person as a supportive community but instead we offer their acceptance speeches below that reflect the compassion and care so needed in our communities today. Until next year when we can be together face-to-face, please stay healthy and be inspired to follow Emir Abdelkader’s humanitarian lead.

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Giving Tuesday

Giving TuesdayYour donation will enable us to continue our efforts to educate tomorrow’s leaders and contribute to a future characterized by unity and civility. You are supporting education, understanding and civility within our...

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