On September 5, John Kiser and Fouad Chergui attended the reception for Jeffrey Guhin and other post-doctoral fellows at University of Virginia’s Center for Advanced Studies in Culture. Jeff is the first UVA Abdelkader Fellow. His work is on comparative study of Catholic schools and Muslim madrassas.

Jeffrey Guhin received his Ph.D. from Yale University in the Department of Sociology. His dissertation is a comparison of two Sunni Muslim and two Evangelical Christian high schools in the New York City area, paying special attention to the roles of prayer, scripture, and science. His previous publications include “Is Irony Good for America?: The Threat of Nihilism, The Importance of Romance, and The Power of Cultural Forms” in Cultural Sociology in addition to “The Violences of Knowledge: Edward Said, Sociology, and Post-Orientalist Reflexivity” forthcoming in Political Power and Social Theory. Jeff has published on the sociology of religion, the sociology of education, science and technology. Before graduate school, he spent four years as a caseworker in the South Bronx and a teacher at a Catholic girls’ school in Brooklyn.

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