Winning Abd el-Kader Essay Contest students were honored with scholarship awards at The Abd el-Kader Education Project Forum at the Elkader Opera House.

Elkader, Iowa. Photo by Larry Stone

Congratulations to: 1st Place $2,000 ~ Cole Crawford, Dubuque plus $500 Mentor Award to Sandra Gaul 2nd Place $1,000 ~ Madi Johansen, Decorah 3rd Place $500 ~ Ben Bernatz, Decorah Elkader ~ Bob Spielbauer and Joe McGreal (Washington DC Trip and $250 award) Statewide participation by Iowa high school juniors and seniors resulted in high quality essays in both expression and content. The annual essay contest asks students to evaluate the significance of Abd el-Kader’s life story through his struggles during peace, war, imprisonment, and exile in light of current events in America and the world.

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