A Message of Hope to Our Global Community

We live in a strange and uncertain world where tragedies, crises, and global challenges threaten our health, our stability, and even our lives. In the most difficult times humanity reveals its best and its worst. At AEP we believe we are at our best when we confront our common threats as a community with a spirit of hope, unity, and civility.

As COVID 19 menaces the global community, AEP remains committed to illuminating the message of humanity exemplified by the life of our namesake, the Emir Abd El Kader. Through educational materials, books, and interactive competitions, AEP will continue to promote cultural understanding and solidarity in the face of divisiveness and tribalism.

Matthew Peterson
Executive Director
Abdelkader Education Project (AEP)

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ABDELKADER EDUCATION PROJECT (AEP) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that promotes cultural literacy, civility, and respectful engagement between all people through education and outreach drawing on Emir Abdelkader’s life story and values – courage, integrity, intellect, humility and compassion – that transcend culture and faith traditions.

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