Guides & Curricula

Islamic Networks Group

Five lesson plans with digital presentations, discussion and test questions, with links to educational resources.

Harvard Pluralism Project

Case Study Program

A lively historical narrative of Muslims in Iowa, entitled “Portrait of Cedar Rapids and America’s Mother Mosque.” This is paired with three case studies. The first is on Abdelkader plus two contemporary stories that serve as companion pieces.

Foundations of Civil Society:

Exploring Cultural and Religious Diversity

Abdelkader-Inspired Lessons

A rich assortment of curricula, designed by Iowa educators, includes tasks, activities, resources, and assessments on Abdelkader-related themes for our time.

Embodying the Nation:

George Washington, Abdelkader, and Gandhi

Document-Based Questions (DBQ) curriculum using historical primary sources, news articles, letters, essays.

Library of Congress (LOC)

Abdelkader-related Primary Sources

“Making Connections” in the spirit of Abdelkader

  1. 3-minute video clips from the award-winning “Secret Life of Muslims” series by Seftel Productions;
  2. Four biographical sketches adapted from One Islam, Many Muslim Worlds by Raymond William Baker (Oxford, 2015)
  3. WISEUP! Daisy Khan
  4. I Am Your Protector


Khan, Daisy. Wiseup: Knowledge Ends Extremism. Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality & Equality, 2018. 

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Marston, Elsa. Compassionate Warrior – Abd El-Kader of Algeria. World Wisdom Books, 2013.

Other Selected Readings

Bouyerdene, Ahmed. Emir Abdelkader: Hero and Saint of Islam. World Wisdom, 2012.

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