Abdelkader Educator Prize

For educators, grades 6-12

Why should you teach about Abdelkader?

You’ll be able to offer a broader perspective on history, allow students to view historical events through the lens of the conquered, challenge stereotypes, and encourage critical thinking. The Abdelkader Education Project (AEP) is offering six educator prizes, all at $600 each.

Deadline: June 1, 2022

Submit Entries To: sue@abdelkaderproject.org


Create a lesson plan (minimum: two 45-minute class periods) based on AEP curriculum. Use our materials as written, or adapt them to meet your own needs. Provide teacher and student feedback on the experience.

Entry Guidelines

In the introduction to your lesson plan, please include:

  • Subject area, grade, number of students
  • Standards/objectives
  • Context: where do your lessons fall in your curriculum? Do they stand alone, or are they part of a larger unit?
  • AEP materials used
  • Other resources used

In your lesson plan, please include:

  • Specific, day-by-day plans
  • All materials (slides, handouts, assessments)

In your teacher reflection, please include:

  • What did you learn/gain from this experience?
  • Do you plan to teach these lessons again next year? What will you do differently?

Don’t forget to include student feedback! We want to see what your students gained from this experience.


Visit our middle school curricula and high school curricula (need link) pages to view current AEP curricula.

We will send you a free copy of The Compassionate Warrior: Abd el-Kader of Algeria by Elsa Marston and/or Commander of the Faithful by John Kiser. Request your copy here.

Questions: Contact Sue Protheroe at sue@abdelkaderproject.org

Submit entries to: sue@abdelkaderproject.org